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Values ​​are essential for setting a course, defining medium and long-term strategies and guaranteeing the consistency of our business plan. Our values ​​are not just a series of empty words, they are truly our genetic code.



Welcoming and promoting human capital motivates each of our employees on a daily basis. UNIT Protection makes it a point of honor to apply this notion of Hospitality. Our agents are continuously trained in order to maintain optimal service. In addition to being competent, UNIT Protection agents are polite and smiling agents.



Flexibility and adaptability are fundamental values ​​for Protection UNIT. This desire to be able to question ourselves is essential to meet the needs of our customers in a reactive and always positive way.



Trust, integrity and loyalty are ingrained in the corporate culture genes at Protection UNIT. Mutual trust is an imperative element for a healthy and effective collaboration.



We want to put the well-being of our employees at the center of our concerns. We take care of our agents and our customers by offering, in particular, workstations and equipment adapted to the needs of each one.



With nearly 3,000 employees, the group’s wealth is based on human capital. At Protection UNIT, we value respect, cultural diversity and solidarity. We turn our differences into strengths and this diversity is experienced daily in the field in each of our activities. Our agents are women and men with heart, passionate about their job.



Protection UNIT is constantly innovating. Whether it’s innovative solutions or cutting-edge technologies, we are not observers of change, we create it. We position ourselves as a creator of Serenity. Our desire is that technology can accompany humans to better protect themselves, to better protect you.