General terms and conditions

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These general terms and conditions shall apply, subject to any modifications that the 2 parties may make, by express agreement set out in writing.


Our offers are always issued under no obligation and become final only after they have been signed by both parties. By signing the contract, the Customer acknowledges having read the general terms and conditions and accepted them without reservation.


2.1 Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, invoices are payable in cash without any discount.

2.2 If we do not receive payment on an invoice within 30 days of the payment deadline this shall, by operation of law and without prior notice, result in a claim for late payment interest on the amounts due as from the due date of the invoice at the rate of 1% per month as well as in a fixed surcharge of 10%, with a minimum of EUR 125.00, calculated on the outstanding balance. In the event of debt recovery, we reserve the right to demand reimbursement for all legal costs.

2.3 Once this period of 30 days has been exceeded, we shall also request, without prior notice, 15% interest calculated on the invoiced amount. Moreover, PROTECTION UNIT shall set a higher indemnity amount if the loss sustained exceeds the amount of the fixed surcharge.

2.4 In the event of late payment or non-payment, PROTECTION UNIT shall be entitled, without prior notice, to terminate the contract by operation of law, subject to notification by registered letter.

2.5 If different natural persons or legal entities are acting simultaneously, they shall be jointly and severally liable, one in the absence of another, to stand surety for any commitment stemming from the agreement or contract signed.


3.1 Prices shall be adjusted annually, automatically and by operation of law in proportion to the change in the consumer price index published in Belgium, with the base index being the one in effect in the month preceding that of the conclusion of this contract and the new index being the one in effect in the month preceding the anniversary date.

3.2 The price per hour may be adjusted at any time in the event of a change to the contractual quantum in accordance with the contractual provisions, as well as in the event of an increase in one or more components of the cost price such as statutory wage scales, mandatory bonuses, taxes and fees, and in general all other costs borne by PROTECTION UNIT, to be substantiated by it based on the legal requirements in this area.

3.3 Any additional costs, duties and taxes established by the federal authority or by any competent authority and any costs resulting from changes in the application of the regulations after the start of the contract shall be borne by the Customer.


Challenges concerning an invoice must reach us within eight calendar days calculated from the date of issue of the invoice in question by PROTECTION UNIT, failing which the complaint shall be inadmissible. If the challenge is considered justified, PROTECTION UNIT undertakes to comply with it, without the Customer being entitled to demand any other compensation for direct or indirect losses.


Belgian law applies to the agreement. In the event of a dispute of any kind, only the courts of the legal district of Liège, as selected by PROTECTION UNIT, shall have jurisdiction.