by Protection Unit

Protection UNIT is one of the leaders in the security sector in Belgium.

Our security guards are renowned for their excellence in terms of presentation, discretion and agility. They are also the best ambassadors for our qualitative approach, which places the concepts of service and hospitality at the heart of our DNA.

Our main assignment is to secure and protect the movable and immovable property of companies and individuals against all forms of risk, intrusion or malice. But Protection UNIT is much more than your security! We offer comprehensive handling by highly qualified professionals, with the aim of ensuring peace of mind for our clients.

The contribution of new technologies is also one of our best assets. Very quickly, we realised that the way in which security assignments were evolving meant investments in innovation. The marriage between man and new technologies is a winning combination in our view.

Our Guarding UNIT service features various bespoke solutions tailored to the requirements of companies in all business sectors, as well as those of public institutions and individuals.