Protection unit monitors your store or shopping centre.

Protection Unit monitors your store or shopping centre through the presence of security guards from the Static Guarding division.

The company also has specialist retail guards: store detectives. The role of these detectives, who are present in a store, is to patrol shopping centres and stores wearing civilian clothing in order to prevent any theft attempts. These detectives act as an effective deterrent and generally work hand-in-hand with guards posted at the checkouts.

Monitoring of shopping centres and large stores can also be carried out by guards who will conduct preventive patrols during the day or night.

Finally, if an alarm is triggered, it is possible to rely on our services to provide a rapid alarm activation response.

  • For shops, boutiques, shopping centres, supermarkets and hypermarkets, etc.
  • Uniformed security guards for reception or security
  • Store detectives (in plain clothes)
  • Dog patrol security guards for hold-up prevention
  • In the case of a level 4 security procedure: possibility of placing access controls, security gates, temporary systems (cameras, alarms, etc.)