Recording of incidents in the public domain

Protection unit is authorised to record acts of antisocial behaviour.

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Protection Unit is authorised to record incidents of vandalism, antisocial behaviour or other acts on the public highway, on behalf of public authorities. This can, for example, involve recording the non-payment of parking charges, failure to provide signage for a worksite, illegal dumping, damage to public parks and gardens, etc.

Our security firm can provide you with fast-acting, efficient street marshals to ensure the security of your municipality or town, etc.
All of our street marshals are equipped with portable terminals that enable them to draw up a report at the time an offence is recorded.

They are also tasked with preventing vandalism and antisocial behaviour.

  • Monitoring of paid car parks
  • Reporting of rubbish dumping
  • Monitoring of public spaces (parks or other spaces)