Alarm activation response

In the case of an alarm, an “alarm activation response” guard is immediately sent to the site.

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The installation of an alarm system is the first step in securing a residence, company or industrial site.
However, it is also necessary to consider how to respond when the alarm is activated. Protection Unit’s alarm activation response service is capable of responding in such a scenario. In case of an alarm detection or intrusion, an “alarm activation responder” is immediately dispatched, day or night, to the location to carry out a check, firstly of the outside of the premises and, then, inside, depending on whatever instructions have been received and confirmed in advance.
Appropriate measures are then taken to secure the premises, reset the alarm and contact the police, where necessary.

For private individuals and professionals alike, our “alarm activation responders” are the perfect addition for continuous protection.

  • For visitors, employed staff, suppliers, temporary suppliers, etc.
  • Secure reception
  • Access controls
  • Accreditations
  • Application and compliance with procedures
  • Risk awareness
  • For companies with very strict security regulations (with a Seveso or other classification)
  • For pharmaceutical companies with very specific security procedures