Dog patrol security guards

The presence of a dog is an asset, a real advantage.

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For certain specific security and protection assignments, the presence of a dog can be a great advantage. A dog patrol security guard is a security guard who has been specially trained with his or her dog. Under certain conditions, such as open spaces or car parks, the dog is able to detect suspicious behaviour more quickly or serve as a deterrent.

A dog patrol security guard is also an essential asset to reinforce the screening of airline freight. The screening process is simplified, thereby saving time while still ensuring the thoroughness of any checks. Certain dogs are trained and coached to detect explosives. They are capable of detecting dangerous chemical substances. An extremely demanding selection process is used for these dogs and they are trained in a dedicated animal training facility. In all scenarios, the trained animal instils an attitude of respect, security and fear.

A dog is also the ideal security partner when on assignment for an event. The attitude of the guard and dog duo establishes an atmosphere of vigilance in the area, thereby helping to prevent any misbehaviour.

On an industrial site, the presence of a dog also enables any presence or irregularity to be detected much more quickly and intuitively. The contribution of the dog, in tandem with its handler, enhances the quality of surveillance when large areas need to be covered.

  • Patrols and monitoring
  • Dissuasive presence
  • Hold-up prevention
  • Recommended when the security guard is working alone
  • 1 dog = 10 guards = more responsive, more dissuasive, sharper sense of detection