Access control

PROTECTION UNIT agents can manage control checkpoints.

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Protection Unit’s guards can manage security checkpoints, thereby controlling the granting of access to people and vehicles as well as screening objects. This service can be provided at locations such as buildings used for the transit of passengers, offices, sites or at events, where it is important to screen all access granted to restricted areas. Protection Unit is capable of controlling access to sensitive and even critical areas.

Screening of people is required in a number of scenarios. It may, for example, involve ensuring the security of areas accessible to the public. 3 fundamental questions need to be answered for this task: who has access, when and where? Screening of people includes identifying suspicious behaviour or even anticipating threats by detecting potentially dangerous objects.

Protection Unit is called upon to perform this role in various types of locations: places with restricted public access, concert halls, festivals, conventions, sporting events, etc. When screening is properly managed, it generally enables prevention or anticipation of certain violent acts or criminality.