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Our agents are permanently trained by experts.

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We are renowned and recognised for our expertise and our vision and competence in terms of our employee training. Protection Unit does not just provide security guards trained according to legal requirements, but further enhances this training through the establishment of an appropriate, targeted training plan, devised with the support of specialised partners in the sectors concerned.

The training comprises a theoretical component (in the classroom) and a practical component (in the field). This training is provided either by members of our own management team with their years of requisite experience, or by experts in the area. The practical training for the job of security guard is always followed by an evaluation by the customer and by our site manager.

The training process for Protection Unit security guards comprises a number of modules both for guards on the ground as well as management personnel. The company also uses its own specialised in-house software that enables each individual to be tracked throughout his or her career plan and training (including on-the-job training).