Horses Unit

While sustainable development is a priority, the return to using the horse as a partner, in terms of safety, offers an innovative and adequate response.

For the surveillance of events, our equestrian/horse agent duos offer many advantages in addition to our security, prevention and protection solutions:

  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • Replacing quads and motorcycles, they reduce noise pollution.
  • Interventions can be quick even when the area is large and/or difficult to access.
  • The presence of these guards accompanied by their favorite animal is well appreciated by the public, which optimizes contact.

Security guards on horseback can also see and be seen from afar, which is ideal for prevention. It is for these reasons that it is often said that a patrol of two equestrian officers is equivalent to a patrol of eight foot officers…

On horseback, the gaits can adapt to the needs of the intervention: the rider can stay in step, for surveillance and to maintain contact with the users, and he can gallop when necessary, to get quickly to an area where a problem arises.


  • Crowd management
  • Event Monitoring

Our equine department reinforces our human and technical solutions (drones, cameras, etc.) implemented during events and can partially replace motorcycles and quads for optimal and lasting safety.