Dogs Unit

Our DOGS solution is a complementary option that increases the effectiveness of certain security and/or control assignments.

Yes, dogs are man’s best friend. Some are used as real deterrents. The dog is chosen for its obedience, sociability and bravery, but also for its particularly strong senses.


I K9

For certain specific security and protection assignments, the presence of a dog is an asset and a great advantage. The dog handler – or dog patrol security guard – is a security guard who has been specially trained with his/her dog.

Under certain conditions, such as open spaces or car parks, the dog is able to detect suspicious behaviour more quickly or serve as a deterrent.



Protection Unit has a canine section consisting of security guards and certified dogs trained to detect explosive substances. These dogs are trained every day and can be a very effective solution.

This service is particularly appropriate for air freight security. Our guards accompanied by their dogs can screen a large quantity of luggage, packages or containers, on the move.

Our teams are also used to secure a site (event, stadium, performance venue, etc.) before the site is opened to the public. This is to ensure that your site is safe.